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Monday, March 21, 2011

When Homemade Soda Goes Wrong

So I found a new to me blog called Penniless Parenting. You can find Penny here, she really has a great blog. Anyway, I was reading her blog and came across a formula for making homemade soda. I was excited to give it a try so called in the girls and we decided to have ago.

We decided to use Kool-Aid to make the soda. We added the yeast and let it sit until the bottle was suitable hardened. My oldest daughter volunteered to be the taste tester. She immediately regretted it can ended up coughing and spitting into the sink. Alarmed, my middle daughter and I asked what was wrong?! Oldest daughter exclaims "Mom, I think we just made prison wine minus the toilet water!" Oh yeah, and the dirty socks. We didn't include those in our recipe.

So we reassessed our initial plan and realize that we should have predicted fermentation when we added the yeast. What were we thinking?? At any rate we were able to make several hilarious prison jokes and laugh at ourselves until the tears rolled down our faces. Good times. Good times.

By the way, we don't blame Penny for our results but we DO thank her for the fun!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thrifting Fantasies

Since I've been contemplating this thrifty obsession of mine lately, the idea of itemizing an ULTIMATE WISH LIST of things I dream and fantasize about finding has come to the front of my brain. I've decided to put together a list and share it here.

My list would include:

1.) Ikea Expedit bookcase

2.) a complete dvd set of Signing Time videos. Since my little Bella was born deaf and we're learning to teach her ASL, these are high on my list.

3.) Signing Time board books.

4.) Waldorf play stand set. I've heard stories of thrifty moms finding these open ended play structures for super cheap.

5.) A Pottery Barn-ish sofa for downstairs.

6.) still thinking...I'll have to come back and fill in some more.

Do you have a fantasy list in mind??

Monday, March 14, 2011

Full Of Hot Air and Balloons

I hadn't planned to stop into the thrift store but I had one my "feelings". You know, the one that says I should stop in because there is something waiting for me. I spotted this lamp almost as soon as I walked in the door. I snatched it up, of course. I've only been looking forever for a nursery lamp.

Somehow I manage to attract the odd birds. This day was no different because as I was looking over my new lamp, I heard a strange old man yell "How did you get that before me? I'd really like to have that! I didn't even see that! Where was it?" He didn't say it in a mean way, it was more like desperation mixed with greed.

Oh, I had plenty of time to reflect on the tone because he followed me to various parts of the store repeatedly lamenting the fact that it was in my hands. Finally he asked me "How much do you want for it?" "$1,00.00", I said. "Cash." He just looked at with me consternation as I mentally willed the cashier to HURRY UP ALREADY. I managed to escape with my prize and I think I'll use it Bella's room. That is unless I decide to go back to reselling and it ends up in an online shop. I miss selling and would love to get back into it again. We'll see.

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Little Flashbulb Moments

Sometimes an image sticks in my memory as I go about my day. Usually I find myself thinking " I wish I had my camera!". This morning I had one of those moments and am glad that my camera was only 3 steps away. I grabbed it and snapped this pic of my Bella as she snoozed away. Already 8 months old and it seems that her first year is flying by. I want it to slow down a little bit.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Up! Up! Up!

I've been away for quite some time but I'm happy to say that I've returned!

I've been away from the blog but I haven't been away from the thrift shops. I've made a few nice discoveries for our new baby. Her room is still an evolving work in progress and we'll share it as it is now very soon. We've also moved house so we're still unpacking, sorting, selling and tossing things out.

Sorry that I don't have a pic up yet. I've just experienced PBP or Premature Blog Posting thanks to a baby helping to bang on the laptop.