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Monday, August 29, 2011

FINALLY! Running Amok At Rummage Sales

I finally managed to escape leave the kids home and hit some rummage sales this weekend. There weren't very many but I did find a couple of cool things I might sell. Plus, I found a few things for here at home. It was a strange feeling to go to the sales all alone. I wonder if I looked like I was running amok? I certainly felt like I was running amok, all crazed and child-less-ly berserk!

One thing I've been keeping my eye out for is a new area rug. See, we have this landing at the top of our stairs where 4 rooms ( 2 bedrooms, living room and kitchen) branch off. Below is a pic of the space after the addition of the yard sale rug.

This spot needed an area rug to help dampen the echoes we have with all wood floors and ginormous rooms. DONE! We now have a just-right-for-now rug. I am still wanting another one for the screened porch, which is also a biggish space. There are actually a few things I'm looking for to put out here but a rug would be a great foundation, wouldn't it?

I also found a gaming system for my boys. It's a Gamecube and was only $5 and came with 2 games. Of course, neither game was appropriate for them, so we picked up a Harry Potter game for them to play.

My favorite find was a set of tole coasters. I haven't decided what to do with them yet. I think they'd be a great addition to the porch on a table but I still need a table! Maybe next weekend I'll find it.

Just because I love Rhoda's Link Party at Southern Hospitality, we're linking to it! One of these days I will figure out how to add her button to my posts.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Abandoned Chairs

Back before we packed up and moved out here to the old schoolhouse, I asked my hubs to see if the chairs up above in the photo were for sale. Our neighbor had these 4 chairs stacked behind her garage all abandoned and needing loved. One of them is a rocker which matches another rocker I hauled home from the resale shop.

Hubs went over and struck a bargain with the neighbors and hauled them home for me. All I need now is some spray paint. I think I'll keep these the same pastel shades they had been. One was pink, one was turquoise and one was baby blue and one green.

Ok, actually on second thought maybe I should paint the screened porch first? I see lots of painting in my near future.

To Be Painted List:

Bella's toy/book shelf
Motel Chairs

These are the first 3 projects I want to get done. I'm off to the hardware store!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

How To Remove Odors From eBay Items

Picture it, there you are with that hard to find item clutched in your hands. You know this item will sell as soon as you get it listed. Not only will it sell, it will offer you a huge return on your investment! WOO HOO! Oh no, wait! It smells horrible! Maybe it was in the home of a smoker or maybe it just picked up strong cooking odors from the people who love to fry up liver and onions every other night.

Whatever the reason, you know you can't possibly sell this cool stuffed animal, lovey or clothing item with a bad smell. This is where Sport Wash comes in to save the day! This is a specialty laundry detergent you can usually find at W Mart. No, not in the laundry aisle, you will have to venture across the store to the Sporting Goods section and look for it there because this is typically sold to hunters to remove human odors.

I've used this successfully on stuffed animals. Yes, I wash stuffed animals in my washing machine. However, I do have a front loader and find this is a better choice for stuffies than a top loader but you can use a top loader as long as you wash gently.

BTW ,be sure to follow label directions because a little Sport Wash goes a long way!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Don't you love it when...

you FINALLY find that one thing you've been searching for?? I've been searching for a shelf like this one for ages and ages. My main criteria for this shelf was that it had to be long. I'm pretty sure this was made from the planks of an ancient Viking ship. Solid doesn't begin to describe this thing. I found this at one my fav thrift stores for a song.

Now that we're moving into the new house, we have lots more wall space. Um yeah, you would expect that in a 30 x 40 foot living/activity room, right? My plans for this shelf involve some cute baby access. This shelf is still in an undressed state but is #1 on the list of projects to complete asap.

So, here's what I'm longing to pair with this shelf.

(photo is via the Blik website)

I love this Blik wall decal! I'm going to have to do some serious ebay selling so I can lay hands on this! Everything for this play space will be influenced by this wall decal. This comes in a small 3 ft size and the large 6 foot size. I'd take either one! You can see more Blik here. Happy browsing!

No, I won't get paid for hawking Blik wall sticker thingies.

Sharing with Rhoda at Southern Hospitality!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Schoolhouse Rocks!

I'm just updating with a few photos. This is a pic of the new place, which is an old schoolhouse. My daughter said it reminded her of the house in the Madeline books with the vines and all.

Miss B tearing around the living room in her walker. This space is huge, measuring 30 feet across and 40 feet in length. I'm anxious to see how well I can fill this space so it's cozy and not cavernous. See the windows behind Miss B?? Well, check out the pic below to see what our view out those windows looks like in the evening.