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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mission Accomplished: The Surgery Is Over!

WHEW! That was stressful, but we're glad it's done. After lots of prayers Nye had his oral surgery this morning and it went well.

Daddy holding Nye early this morning before we walked across the parking lot from the hotel to the surgical hospital. We arrived at 6:30 am.

Nye is waiting for the nurse to come take him back to the O.R.

This is Nye in the Phase I Recovery Room. He hasn't yet opened his eyes, so we wait for him to wake up.

This is how the hospital staff outfitted Snugglepottamus as he accompanied Nye into surgery.

Nye is awake and in Phase II Recovery. This is right before his I.V. was removed and he was allowed to leave. We were done by 11:00 am and checked out of the hotel and on our way!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wandering Near and Far

In the last week or so we've been exploring museums. Just yesterday we saw an Egyptian mummy in her coffin at the W. H. Over Museum. Our new favorite is the Dakota History Museum where we can visit an old train station and caboose car. Here are some photos from the last visit we made.

Sometimes It Pays To Go Late...

to yard sales. Last weekend my mom and I stopped at a sale that looked like it was being packed up. We were late leaving the house last saturday so only stopped at one sale. The dresser has 5 drawers and was marked $40. I was making noises about wanting it so mom offered $20 and they said they'd take $25. Good enough for me! We struck the deal and they even helped us load it up into the mini-van. Help loading it was worth the extra $5, don't you think?? I sure do! This thing is really tall, too. This will be painted put into the bathroom for storage. I think.

Oh yeah, about the sombrero... This is a hat my kids wear while they weave about drunkenly on their bicycles up and down the driveway. I'm not allowed to re-home it so I am constantly trying to find a place to put it. This is why and how it's in this pic of the dresser. (sigh)