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Monday, May 10, 2010

Yard Sale Find Of The Year!

My mom called me Friday morning and said that there were a whole mess of rummage sales happening that day in her town. I mean ALL DAY, too. With a new baby only 7 weeks or so away, we seriously need to get ready. With this being baby #5, I've learned that there is no better way than to be frugal about the baby stage. Plus, we just never know what else there is find at a yard sale, right?? Perfect! Any excuse will do!

Anyway, Grandma had hit a few sales that morning and by the time I arrived, we were ready for the bunches that started at noon. When we had finished with all of those noon sales, the 2:00 pm sales were almost ready. We tore into the drive thru for some burgers and were on our way again. We found tons of good stuff-even The Find Of The Year as far as my oldest daughter is concerned.

This little wire stand will be used to hold our herb pots on the deck by the back door. The hubby will have to paint it for me but I still haven't decided on a color.

This shelf will also be getting a paint job by hubby. Yeah, I have no idea where this one will end up hanging.

This is one for the kitchen wall-eventually- after it gets a paint job, too. My poor hubby has so much painting in his near future! There are several pieces of furniture we'll be using for the new baby in need of paint embellishment. I hope to be having a nice little reveal here on the blog for those items. Stay tuned!

I think one will hang on my front door after I find some flowers to put in it. Who doesn't love a garden gate??

This white iron bed is what my daughter considers The Find Of The Year. We found this leaned up against a garage where not one person was paying any attention to it. Almost as an after thought we asked about it and the woman said she only wanted $5 bucks for it! SOLD! We had a grand time tying this onto the top of the minivan with an old jump rope the seller found in her garage.

I can't wait for the sales this weekend. It's my birthday PLUS CITY WIDE GARAGE SALES! WooHoo!!

By the way, this post is linking up to Rhoda's Thrifty Treasures @ Southern Hospitality!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What the neighbors know about us...

They know we line dry when the weather is decent.
They know we have an affinity for vintage tablecloths.
They know we have a bunch of vintage aprons.
They know we have crazily patterned sheets.
They know my bathroom rugs are white.
They know our cat is insane.

They know we have recently acquired a wiener dog.
They know we're obsessive poop picker uppers.
They know we've been enjoying our rhubarb patch this week.
They know we love our compost bin.
They know we love to use our b.b.q. grill

They know we go for walks with the kids, dog and the little red wagon.
They know the 6 year old and the dog are usually hauled home in the wagon.
They know we're apt to go for a walk even when it's dark outside.
They know our dog is an expert snake hunter.
They know our 6 year old often crashes his bike in the driveway.

All he wants is...

a mustache!

A couple of weeks ago my 6 year old located a gumball machine full of stick on facial hair. I wish I'd had a video camera so I could have recorded his absolute amazement and glee at the good fortune of such a find. It was just too funny! Poor little guy has often checked the mirror for signs that his beard may be beginning to grow in. After all, it has to happen eventually if you wish hard enough, right??

With some assistance from his sister his new 'stache was properly affixed and he proudly strutted around the Wal-mart. He was clearly pleased by the many compliments of older gentlemen who gave him props for such a fab 'stache. For now the mustache has been tucked away in a treasure box and hidden from sight.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Has it been 14 years already??

Hard to believe that my youngest daughter has been on earth for 14 years. This is a pic of the cake her sister made for her today. It's an egg/dairy free coco cake with Unbutter cream frosting. The colored sugar was hand colored by the birthday girl 2 days ago. I hope Lockley can tell that she is loved so much!