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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Homestead

So we've moved again. This time we have a little bit of country in town. The kids are happy here in this little college town. Most of it comes from being able to walk anywhere in town in 20 minutes or so. We've taken some pics to share of our new little spot.

This is Nye chasing the cat. You know, total action shot.

My rhubarb patch behind the shed.

The girls hit a yard sale this summer that was selling many vintage dresses. These are the dresses drying on the line out back.

This is our cat. His name is Waterhead. Yes, really.

Lock took this pic of the shed window. We like the pic (and the window) and have plans to put a carved pumpkin in it to make it spooky!

I'll be posting again about our E.V.I.L. "neighbor". I need to be sneaky to snap a pic of him without him completely freaking out and going ballistic. He's been cranky since the day we moved in. More on that later.