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Friday, September 30, 2011

Baby and Saffron Rice

Around here, we buy basmati rice in bulk and make saffron rice. Our kids like it so much that they often want it as a snack during the day. Belle is no exception. We made rice the other day and she sat beside me eating  while I worked on the computer. As you can see, she enjoyed it very much!

We used to live near a delicious Mediterranean restaurant where saffron rice was served in heaping mounds. This is also where my kids developed their love of garlicky hummus. Ok, I admit I nurtured my love of feta cheese at this restaurant, too. Anyway, when we have the rice, it's like we're not far from that favorite restaurant.

I have a large brick of feta cheese in my fridge which is used for many dishes. An easy snack platter of pita, greek olives and cheese is good for movie nights. Bulger wheat salad is a summer staple when yummy garden tomatoes are plentiful.

This is the recipe for saffron rice we started with. We've adapted it to our own tastes over time, but it will get you started.  

Don't be intimidated by what you may read on the internet about how to do saffron rice "correctly". Food snobs ruin the enjoyment of food so often it's not funny.  I'm not pretentious when it comes to food. I'd rather enjoy a meal and a laugh with Paula Deene than suffer an evening with Anthony  Disdain er, Bourdain. So, if you must read, take it with a grain of salt and dive in anyway!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yard Sale Hordes

Photo taken from the safety of the mini-van while the hyenas paces and hooted. Sorry you can't see all of them, they're behind that van across the street!

I've learned that start times for yard sales vary depending on where you live. In our neck of the woods, sometimes we have them start Friday evening. Such was the case this last Fri. Apparently, it was the only sale in town and it seemed like EVERYONE showed up! Well, everyone with nothing better to do at 5 p.m. on a Fri. evening.

My oldest daughters were shocked at how many people were standing in front of the garage door waiting for someone to push the button. The driveway people stalked back and forth looking and sounding very much like a pack of hyenas. Every once in a while some oldster would let loose with a hysterical cackle, sending shivers down younger spines.

Eventually, someone opened the door and flood gates were opened! People swarmed the tables, some rudeness ensued and the moms with strollers generally hung back because they couldn't get in or feared maiming. That was ok, tho. My girls squeezed in and eventually so did I. I only went inside once I'd claimed a vintage enameled bucket from the driveway. Through all of this the only thing I could think of was that "Yard Sale Blood Bath" blog. The potential for bloodletting was rather high.

The first thing I spied was a blue kettle, which I dropped into my bucket. I was ready to take down any rabid granny who got in my way by swinging my bucket into her blue haired head! You'll be glad to know it wasn't necessary due to some well placed stink-eye warnings.

Eventually, in all the pushing we also claimed wrestled free an antique-ish quilt, Pottery Barn curtains for Miss Bella's new bedroom, a quilt and sham set, a navy blue rubbish bin with magnolias? dogwoods? painted on the sides.

Some of this stuff is destined to be resold on either etsy or ebay. Not sure which, yet. I'm making my first foray into "consigning" items for resale, too. YAY! We made it through a yard sale that was more mosh pit than garage sale and have some treasures to show for it. If pillaging was ever anything like this sale, I have a new found respect for any Vikings in my ancestry.

Oh and I should tell you that I think we'll be linking up with Apron Thrift Girl for Thrift Share Monday!