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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Vintage Score # 32 or Crazy Mixer Lady

Once upon a time, several months back I saw a vintage Kitchen Aid bowl made of glass in it's original box for $35 at a flea market. I've lusted after the glass bowl mixers ever since! I wasn't going to be happy with a Sunbeam or Hamilton Beach model, no, I needed a REAL Kitchen Aid.

Things went along that way for a bit until one day a few weeks ago. I spotted this baby on a shelf at one of my fav thrifty stops in town and nearly screamed and hopped up and down. I managed to control myself and snatched it up and got outta there before they decided that the $15 price tag was too little to charge.

I seem to have evolved into "Crazy Mixer Lady" as I now own 3 Kitchen Aid stand mixers. But hey, come on, that one I picked up at the yard sale this summer was only $5 and needs a little TLC and maybe $25 worth of parts. Plus, they are all from different eras. One really old, one kinda old and a brand new one. Can you blame me, really? Once I get my shelves in place they will all have their own places to be displayed and we'll live happily ever after...until I find another one! HA!

As I look adoringly at my mixers I am considering breaking out the spray paint. These 2 white mixers could be jazzed up with some vintage-esque paint jobs. My kitchen is blue so a few varying blue colors might be fun, right? I mean, it's not like I plan to sell these treasures or anything so why shouldn't I have some fun with'em?