Friday, April 19, 2013

Huge Changes in the last year

I blame Ki Nassauer. Yes, it's all her fault because she went to the First Monday Trade Days flea market in Canton, Texas and then wrote about it in a magazine.

I called my cousin who happened to live in Texas and whined to him about wanting to go experience it for myself. He gave me the low down and that only made the fire in my belly hotter.

A few phone calls later and I had major changes happening. We sold everything we owned and bought a small travel trailer. I mean it when I say that if something didn't fit in that camper it didn't come with us! 90% of what we brought was inventory.

I had never sold at a market in my life. Heck, I'd never been to Texas, either! There we were putting the remaining contents of our lives in a tiny travel trailer, loaded all 5 kids in the van and drove 25 hours straight through to Texas.

We started at First Monday Trade Days by jumping in with both feet. You know what happened? We LOVE it! Yes, we travel a lot. We hit yard sales and auctions and estate sales and call it "working". We set up and take down. There's a saying out here amongst our gypsy brethren that says " it's not the end of the show, it's the start of the next one". Truer words have never been spoken.

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